5 Creative Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday but it is intended to be a celebration of connection. Think of it as a push notification; a reminder to take the time to show your affection to another, because sometimes in your busy life, you don’t make the time to shower the person whom you love the most with appreciation and affection.

Here are 5  things to do on Valentine’s Day that mark the occasion and also make the evening special without busting the bank:


  1. Do an activity. You create intimacy by doing something collaboratively. The event itself offers an opportunity to negotiate, compromise, share and often work towards a common goal. This experience is not only bonding, but the uniqueness will actually help you remember it better than than a more common event, like having a nice dinner out. So try an evening of wine and painting a canvas, creating artisan cocktails,baking and/or decorating heart shaped cookies or a cake, and even, cooking a meal together. 
  2. Have an indoor picnic. It is far less expensive to buy great cheeses, a good bottle of wine and some delicious fish or steak than it is to pay for it in a restaurant, especially on Valentine’s day when most often, there is a prix fixe menu. You can have a memorable dinner without overspending and you can kitsch it up and decorate with every heart thing you can find.

  3. Flip the night and start with intimacy. Instead of waiting until the end of the evening after you have probably had too much food and alcohol, start the evening with some sexual fun. Try something new. If you are game, head to the adult store and buy some fun accessories, games or sexy lingerie. One of you can do a strip tease. Not only are you adding some spice to your sex life, but you’re setting up a night of feeling close and connected. 
  4. Do something outside the box. Find something unique to do that creates a memorable night. Got to an arcade, see a psychic, take a ballroom dancing class, go to an Escape Room, play Laser Tag or set up a makeshift fire pit and make S’mores and hot chocolate. 

    University of Wisconsin-Madison student Michael Chay (center) practices his dance moves with another student during Prof. Tomlinson's ballroom dancing class in Lathrop Hall on Sept. 24, 2008. ©UW-Madison University Communications 608/262-0067 Photo by: Bryce Richter Date: 09/08 File#: NIKON D3 digital frame

  5. Have a retro movie night at home. Instead of going with the more predictable romantic comedy, orchestrate a romantic night where you are watching a classic. It could be a musical like Singing in the Rain or a masterpiece like Casablanca, The God Father or All About Eve. If you want to go really retro, try Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin. Add the popcorn, the Junior Mints and the Redvines and you are all set to snuggle under the blankets.

Best advice, stay away from the cliche of chocolates, teddy bears, flowers and lingerie. Avoid the dreaded, overly expensive, overcrowded restaurants.  Instead, celebrate your connection by having fun and spicing things up in a fun, delightful way!  


Written by Rhonda Milrad,  Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Founder and Chief Relationship Advisor at Relationup